8-day Bima-Komodo-Sumba-Flores-Sulawesi (v.v)
Meet 5 different cultures in 8 days: a hill tribe in Sumbawa, the fearsome warriors on horse back in Sumba, the Mangarai in Flores, the seagypsies in Bonerate and the seafaring people of Indonesia, the Buginese. And of course you'll encounter the Komodo Dragon and the beautiful reefs of Komodo National Park
8-day Sumbawa-Sawu-Sumbawa (v.v)
Traditional dances near Bima, Jurassic dragons and spectacular snorkeling in Komodo, intricate ikat weaving and megalithic villages in East Sumba, colorful animistic rituals, dances and sites on remote Sawu and South Flores, remote tropical beaches, and much more...