Komodo. The lure of the unexplored is irresistible, so embark on a journey in a real life "Jurassic Park" above and below the surface of the seas. These are the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, one of the last frontiers of the underwater world, boasting some of the finest dive sites imaginable.

The Ombak Biru sails 7 and 11-night dive liveaboard cruises year round. Our on-board dive operation runs the most sophisticated air and nitrox system available.

Our experienced crew and divemasters deliver you to the breathtaking dive sites. After your dive it's back on board to our trademark hot towels and hot showers!

Most of your dives will be in the Komodo National Park Reserve, an area playing host to more than 1,100 different species of fish (the Caribbean has around 700), such as jacks, mantas and the occasional whale shark.

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